The growth of private labels

On the 24th and 25th of May, we had the chance to present our company and products at one of the most important private label trade shows around.

PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association) has run business promotion programmes and shows for the distribution industry since 1979. This sector has grown considerably in recent years, with increases in the numbers of both manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world.
Juice&World produces and bottles fruit juices and soft drinks under its own brand name, but does most of its business for its customers’ brands: its distributors’ private-label brands. Our distributors take charge of marketing our products in more than 30 countries, creating a new visual brand identity or acquiring one exclusively designed for them by Juice&World.

With the passage of time, the mass market has come to embrace private-label products and they now occupy a significant position on supermarket shelves.

As we saw at PLMA Amsterdam, distribution companies offer products of the same quality as manufacturer brands, but at lower prices. This means that they reach all potential consumers regardless of their purchasing power and these consumers can buy them any time of the year, without waiting for special promotions or discounts. As market research carried out for PLMA indicates, new trends in shopping habits led to an increase in the sale of private-label products in 2015 throughout Europe. And innovation and customization mean that Juice&World stands out from the rest when it comes to products of this kind.