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Juice & Word is a company created to respond to a market need: the production and bottling of natural, healthy fruit juices and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Studying consumer tastes and relying on our extensive professional experience in the food and drinks world, we have developed a wide range of drinks based on natural fruit juices.

We produce juices and natural
drinks refreshing and healthy

Quality and Innovation

Our products are made with the best materials and technologies on the market in order to meet the required level of quality and innovation, taking into account the strictest quality standards.


We study our customers’ needs in order to be able to meet them, adapting ourselves to their brand and creating new product formulas to reach today’s market.

Great response capacity

We respond quickly to product orders and are able to control the entire process, from design and production through to bottling and logistics, thanks to the joint efforts of our entire team.


We are committed to health and the environment. Our drinks are bottled in recyclable glass and we make them in full compliance with standards which respect and contribute to human health and the welfare of the environment.

Juice&World in the world

You can currently find our drinks in more than 30 countries on the five continents. Close relationships with our customers mean we are familiar with the trends at play in the different international markets and allow us to supply our products worldwide, while ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

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